Truffle species

All over the world there are dozens of species of truffles but most are not intended for consumption because toxic or not palatable.
In Italy you can consume only 9 species:
-Tuber Melanosporum, Vitt. It is the Black Truffle: This species gives off a very pleasant aromatic scent and is widely distributed in the Umbrian territories.
-Tuber Magnatum Pico is the Precious White Truffle: truffle most valuable for the intense and delicate aroma that emanates.
-Tuber Aestivum, Vitt. and Tuber Uncinatum, Chatin, are truffles Scorzone summer and winter: have many affinities and similarities in form but have different periods of maturation.
-Tuber Albidum, Pico and Tuber Borchii, Vitt. Whitebait is called or even Marzuolo.
-Tuber Brumale, Vitt. and Tuber Brumale, Vitt. var. Moschatum, De ferry are called respectively Brumale truffles and truffle Moscato.
-Tuber Macrosporum, Vitt. the black truffle is smooth.
-Tuber Mesentericum Vitt. is the ordinary black or black truffle from Bagnoli.