The Truffle

Truffle is the most rare and precious fruit of the earth. Prince in cooking since ancient times for its exceptional organoleptic properties,
the truffle is an underground mushroom-shaped tuber (genus Tuber, family Tuberaceae) that grows wild in the vicinity of the roots of plants
such as hazel, hornbeam and oak with which it establishes a symbiotic relationship.
Formed by a fleshy mass inside that serfdom and a casing called the rind or peel, the truffle consists of a high percentage of water, fiber
and minerals that are absorbed from the soil through the roots of plants with which the tuber lives in symbiosis.
His research is an ancient art practiced by the rhythms of nature. In the past it was done using the pig for its fine sense of smell but this
method is now abandoned. Today the truffle hunter uses a trained dog .
any breed is potentially suitable even though the only recognized for the
research skills of the truffle is the Lagotto Romagnolo.
The “cavatore” of truffles must be in possession of an identification card authorizing
him to collect in certain places him responsible to a
respectful behavior towards nature and properties that are accessed.
When the truffle reaches full maturity gives off its characteristic fragrance: the fragrance, created by an extraordinary mixture of substances,
it becomes more and more intense with the ripening of the fruit. It is then that the dog can sniff out truffles and explore the area;
at this point the seeker, with an appropriate “vanghetto”, brings to light the fruit. After harvesting, it is essential to replace the sod
removed the spores spread on the ground to form new rootlets and the tuber can be reborn in the same places.