The Territory

Umbria, with its landscape of rolling hills, forests and rugged mountain peaks is, in some aspects a region still wild,
still tied to the traditions of its ancient rural world. In this varied territory and extended, vegetate many species of truffles.
The truffle can be found on the coast of a mountain, on a saddle between two hills, even on the cliffs of a ditch.
These places must be protected, preserved and cared for carefully, treading the ground lightly to ensure that
they retain their “gifts” for future generations.
In the southeastern part of Umbria is the Valnerina, a valley lush and green, only for the views it offers and valuable for
the fruits of agricultural production and artisan who places on the market.
The Valnerina, or “Nera River valley,” gives a show powerful and evocative: the largest tributary of the Nera, the Velino,
it rushes into it from the Marmore’s Falls, giving rise to the wonderful waterfall. This area is renowned worldwide for its
excellent quality of Black Truffle, also called Truffle of Norcia or Spoleto, the two Umbrian towns that surround the specific
mountain areas of production where, for centuries, takes place on the heart of his business.
The whole valley, carved over millennia by the waters of the Nera, is a gorge particularly suitable for the production of the
precious tuber. The significant presence of limestone in the surrounding mountains makes this area an ideal habitat for the growth
of truffles, especially the Precious Black prefers limestone-brecciosi, permeable to a compact subsoil as to encourage the development
of plant roots on the surface. The “explosion” of the rocks by the erosive agents weathering allows the calcium carbonate to create
an optimal environment for the production of the noble tuber, thanks also to little or no coverage arboreal-shrubby soil.
Oak, holm oak, oak, linden, hazel, hornbeam black, rock rose, they are symbiotic plants truffles that grow in the woods of Valnerina
and, along with the age-old poplars coasting the river and rocks shaped by water, make this unique valley resulting in the beautiful landscape.