The Company

“Le tartufare”, at the center of this territory, not only inherited the legacy of natural resources and traditional knowledge related to the truffle, but for some years now agrees growing, expanding and diversifying production, both former planting truffle novo, ie offering planting mycorrhizal plants, both preserving and restoring existing ones in the woods owned.
Therefore, today the company is able to meet the growing demand for truffles with a satisfactory production: the White, Precious Black, Scorzone the summer, and the Barbed Bianchetto are sold to the state of fresh truffle, is transformed into different solutions which maintain the organoleptic properties of the tuber.
All through the year the company offers, fresh, kind of truffles that mature at that particular time, while truffles frozen, stored and processed in other products, they are always available.
This allows you to meet with skill and care of every request from anywhere in the world, all year round.